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Free Shipping

At Sleepy Panda, we know that buying a mattress is a long term investment. That is why we like to reward our valued customers with free shipping almost anywhere within Australia (e-mail us on for a quote in WA, NT and TAS).

At Sleepy Panda, we understand that you cannot wait to try out your new mattress. That’s why we ship your mattress within 3 business days, from the time your payment is processed. If due to any reason you want the delivery delayed, simply get in touch with us at the contact number given below, or send an e-mail to us. We will get back to you as quickly as possible, and discuss alternative arrangements for delivery of your new mattress.

Free Delivery Across Australia

Our deliveries across Australia (besides WA,NT an Tasmania, details below) are all 100% free. This applies to the delivery of new mattresses, as well as replacements.

If you live in WA, NT or Tasmania, please contact us on for a quote on shipping.

Flexible Timing For Delivery

We want to deliver the mattress straight to you, the buyer. But, if for some reason you are unable to stay home at the time of delivery, we request you to inform us, so that we can discuss alternative delivery time and date. We would, however, request you to try and be present when we deliver, so that we can get your signature on the Proof of Purchase, which would be crucial for warranty or replacement. If there is a safe place around your house, where we could leave the mattress, then please add that to the comment section, so we can give authority to leave.

Please note that there are a lot of variables that can occur during transit that are out of our control. Due to that, orders can be delayed sometimes. We do our absolute best to get the mattress to you as quick as possible. We do not offer refunds for delivery delays. If your mattress delivery is delayed by more than 2 weeks, we are happy to compensate you in a form of a gift.

Got a query regarding shipping? Call us at 1300 469 233 or send an e-mail to

100 Night Trial

Congratulations! You are now a proud owner of a Sleepy Panda mattress. We always strive to deliver the best quality products to our customers. But, if you do find an accidental defect in any of our products and wish to return it, we take it back ourselves and offer you a full refund (special terms apply for customers living outside of metro areas). You also get 100 nights to make this decision. That’s how confident we are about the consistently high quality of our products.

There are several rules and regulations that apply to our 100 night trial offer. Please go through the details provided below and feel free to get in touch with us for clarification of any of them.

If you are not fully satisfied with the quality of your Sleepy Panda mattress after using it for 100 nights (starting from the date of purchase), you are entitled to receive a full refund. Customers will need to arrange return for our 100 Nights trial.You must be a full paying customer and have slept on the mattress for at least 14 nights. It takes some time for your body to adjust to a new mattress so this is why we ask you to trial the mattress for at least 14 days.
You are not eligible for a return or refund if you have purchased a mattress using a discount code, ordered the wrong size, wanting to change size, upgrade or downgrade. Furthermore if the mattress has been damaged or stained, you will not be granted a return or refund.

IMPORTANT INFO FOR CUSTOMERS - Customers are eligible for a full refund. However, you must arrange freight to our closest warehouse to their location. This is to be arranged and paid for by the customer.

    Please note that you need to retain your original proof of purchase, in order to exchange your mattress or return it for a refund. Also, our policy only applies to one return/exchange for each household, which must be claimed within 100 nights from the date mentioned on your proof of purchase.
    The mattress you exchange or return will either be donated or sent to a recycling service provider. You will never receive a previously-owned or used mattress when you buy from Sleepy Panda.
      1 Year Warranty

      Sleepy Panda offers you with a full 1 year warranty on any new mattress that you purchase from us. Please note that the warranty on any Sleepy Panda mattress is not transferable and applies only to the original purchaser of the product. The rules and regulations that apply to the warranty are given below.

      What The Warranty Covers
      Any visible depression deeper than two inches from the surface of the mattress. Please note that depressions less than or equal to two inches from the surface are normal, and are formed as the memory foam conforms to your body shape.
      Any defect that causes the foam or the seams to crack or split open. Please note that deformities in the foam caused by mishandling are not covered by the warranty. Also, Sleepy Panda assumes that the mattress will always be used on a flat surface capable of withstanding the weight of the mattress and the users.
      Any tear in the fabric or unraveling of any of the stitches on the mattress.
        What The Warranty Does NOT Cover

        Minor cosmetic imperfections that do not affect the comfort level or proper usage of the mattress in any way.
        Wear and tear that is likely to be caused over time, even with proper usage.
        Any stains caused by the spilling of food/drinks, or any other product, or even unsanitary conditions caused by any kind of abusive activity.
        The natural smells emanating from the foam or latex.
        Personal preferences regarding texture of the top surface, the firmness of the mattress, or the comfort level offered by it. In such cases, however, you may exchange/return the mattress within 100 nights from the date of purchase.

          How To Claim The Warranty

          The original customer of any of our products can make a warranty claim by calling us at (Phone Number) or sending us an e-mail at

          How Sleepy Panda Responds To Warranty Claims
          We repair the defective parts of the mattress, or replace it with a new one, provided it satisfies all the necessary conditions mentioned above.
          We reserve the right to decide whether to repair or replace your product. In case neither is a viable option (in case the product of the right size is not available at the time), we also reserve the right to offer you a full refund.
          Please note that any replacement/repair of the mattress will not indicate the beginning of a new or limited warranty.
            Other Conditions

            Sleepy Panda takes the health of customers very seriously. As such, we constantly strive to use nothing but the most hypoallergenic and well-tolerated materials in our mattresses. That being said, please note that we cannot, and do not guarantee complete safety of every customer. In case there is a rare allergic reaction from the 100% natural latex or any other material used in the mattress, we advise visiting a licensed physician immediately and if necessary, discontinuing the use of the mattress.

            We build our mattresses to withstand considerable wear and tear that is likely to arise from regular usage. As such, we offer a 1 year warranty on each new mattress that you purchase from us. If within those 1 years you notice any defect in the mattress, then you should go through the Warranty page to find out whether that defect is covered by our extensive warranty policy. Then, all you need to do is to call us and we will either repair or replace the mattress with another of the same size, or offer you a full refund in case the former option isn’t viable.