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At Sleepy Panda, we are always concerned about your privacy. As such, any information we collect from you is stored on our secure servers and only used to make your shopping and browsing experiences more satisfying. From this point on, terms like “us” and “we” will refer to Sleepy Panda, or our authorised subsidiaries, retailer, dealers, or affiliates.


Collecting Information

As you browse through our website, we place cookies in your computer to help you browse our website and use our services better. A cookie is a small text file, which is harmless to your computer. It helps us identify the sections you like to visit the most, find out the amount of time you spend on our website, and general information about your browsing habits (via the Google AdWords tracking cookie). We may also collect data regarding your ISP, the IP address of your computer or mobile device through which you browse our website, the IP type, and so on.

If you browse our website using a mobile device, then we may collect details like the type of device you use, the operating system and apps you have installed in your device, and the carrier you use, among others.

We also collect and store your e-mail address and any other contact detail that you may voluntarily provide us when you sign up for our newsletters, or fill out any of the forms provided on our website. We collect your telephone or mobile phone number if you make a call to our customer care. We also temporarily store your credit card number if you make a purchase from our website, and flush it immediately after the transaction is processed.

We may organise surveys from time to time, where we ask you specific personal questions, such as your height, weight, whether or not you sleep with a partner, and so on. While participating in these surveys is completely voluntary for you, please note that if you do participate in any of them, then the information you provide will be collected and stored by us. Any information collected through such surveys shall be used to improve our products and our website.

Any information we collect is gathered only with your consent (which you automatically provide by continuing to browse our website and using our services). If you do not approve of the collection of this information, then you should immediately discontinue browsing our website. By continuing to browse our website, you provide implicit consent to the collection of information regarding your browsing habits.

Please note that we may use third party service providers to host our website and they might also collect non-personal information regarding your browsing habits. For more details regarding the kind of information they collect, you are encouraged to go through the privacy documents on their websites.

Using Information

No part of the information collected is used to personally identify you, and is only used to show you relevant offers on our product as you browse other websites,where Google ads are present. You may disable cookies through your browser at any moment, but please note that by doing so, you will miss the chance to know about special offers that may be of interest to you.

Sharing Information

At Sleepy Panda, we will never sell your information to any third party. However, we may provide information regarding your browsing habits (as collected through the Google AdWords tracking cookie), or any other information you voluntarily provide to our authorised affiliates and third party associates, so that they can provide you with a better shopping and browsing experience.

If you do not agree to this sharing of information regarding your browsing habits, then you should discontinue browsing our website immediately and unsubscribe from our mailing list (if you have already signed up for the newsletter). However, if you have already shared your contact details with us by filling out any of the forms provided on our website, then you need to get in touch with us to have the information removed from our database. Please note that if you have provided your contact details or any other information to any of our third party service providers, then you need to get in touch with them for the removal of your information. Sleepy Panda cannot take responsibility for any information provided by you to any such organisation.

Please note that in order to comply with a legal process or a request from any law enforcement authority, we may be required to provide them with any information we have collected from you. We may or may not be able to inform you when we do so, as it will be up to the aforementioned authorities to make that decision.

We do not knowingly collect information from children and underage individuals. If we find out that we have unknowingly done so, then we shall take immediate steps to identify and delete such data from our database. If you learn that your child has provided information to us, then you should immediately let us know by using the contact details provided on our website, so that we can take immediate action.

Modifications Made To This Document

Please note that Sleepy Panda may, at its sole discretion, make changes to this Privacy Policy document from time to time. You are encouraged to keep checking this document frequently, so that you are always aware of any recent change made to it. Sleepy Panda takes no responsibility to keep you informed every time this document is modified.

In case Sleepy Panda participates in a merger, or asset transfer of any kind in future, then your information might be managed by another organisation. In such a situation, the changes made to this Privacy Policy document shall state how your information is going to be preserved, or used. Please refer to the updated policy for information on the same.

Updating Your Information

Want to update the information you have provided to us, or offer suggestions regarding improvement of this document? Please get in touch with us by using the contact information provided below.