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What Your Sleeping Position + Style Says About You



The way you sleep can give insight's into your personality. Here are some of the most common sleep positions and styles: 

If you sleep in the foetal position – You’re a constant worrier. But it can also mean that you’re tough on the outside but on the inside you’re shy, sensitive and care deeply for those closest to you


If you snore in your sleep – People who snore tend to have some health issues (smoking et al), can be extremely emotional and are passionate in all aspects of their lives


If you sleep on your back You’re pretty inflexible and rigid. You take yourself seriously and have a very structured life.


If you sleep on your stomach – You’re happy-go-lucky and you just go with the flow. You’re very sociable, have a lot of friends and have a free spirit.


You hug your pillow – You put great emphasis on close bonds with certain people in your life, are a people-pleaser and put others first instead of yourself


If you sprawl – This is also known as the starfish position. They tend to be loyal, great listeners and don’t like being the centre of attention