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What Do People Eat For Breakfast Around The World

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here, at Sleepy Panda, we’ve compiled a list of what people eat for breakfast around the world after having an awesome night’s sleep (We assume).


France – Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate with a pastry or baguette.


United States – Pancakes served with sausages or bacon. Topped with either butter, maple syrup or whipped cream.  Accompanied with black coffee or tea.


Japan - Traditional Breakfasts include Rice, Fish, Miso Soup and various side dishes such as nori seaweed and ‘natto’ (fermented soy beans). The more westernized breakfast includes toast with eggs and coffee


Australia – The typical fry up! Bacon, Eggs, Toast, Grilled Tomatoes and Mushrooms, Smashed Avocado. Sausages, hash browns and baked beans can also be added into the mix. Don’t forget the coffee!


Lebanon – The typical breakfast is ‘Manakish’. This is a flatbread flavoured with za'atar and sometimes cheese usually served with tomatoes.


The United Kingdom – The same as Australia minus the Vegemite!


Morocco – Moroccans like their breakfasts sweet. It will usually feature bread with accompaniments including honey, olives, and dates. The accompanying drink will be either Mint Tea or Coffee.


Israel - Shakshuka is a popular breakfast dish in Israel. It consists of eggs poached in a tomato sauce. It usually comes with various accompaniments such as cheese, olives, bread, jams and salad.


Cambodia – Cambodians have ‘Kuy Teav’. It is a rice noodle soup with meat (beef, chicken or seafood) and vegetables.