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The Most Common Dreams + What They Mean

Every person is different but believe it or not we all have similar dreams. Dreams usually occur during deep REM sleep when brain activity is high and mirrors that of being awake.

Believe it or not, the average person has at least 4-6 dreams per night. We’ve compiled the most common dreams and what they mean.


Meeting A Celebrity – You admire that celebrity and unconsciously want to be like them…Start planning!

Showing Up To A Public Place Naked – There are aspects of your life that make you feel vulnerable and anxious…Figure out what they are and try to resolve them!

Dying – You want to terminate something in your life. Whether it’s your job, a relationship or something in your past…Terminate it!

Driving A Vehicle That’s Out Of Control – You feel like your life is currently out of your control and it is a warning sign from your unconscious that you should start focusing better on certain aspects of your life…Start Focusing!

Falling – You’re anxious about letting go of something or someone…Your choice! You decide!

Being Chased – You feel like something or someone is threatening your life…Find out what that threat is and face it head on!

Being At School – You want to resolve something that happened in your childhood or you feel like there is an aspect of your life you want to improve, whether it’s with your job or your commitment to something such as exercise or family…Start educating yourself!

Showing Up Late – You’re frustrated about missing out on an important decision that could have changed an aspect of your life…There’s always tomorrow!