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The Best Airports In The World To Sleep In

Long haul flights are horrible especially if you live in Australia. Chances are you’ll end up at an airport for a few hours, experiencing minor jet lag. Here are the best airports in the world to sleep in:


  1. Singapore Changi International Airport – No doubt the best airport in the world hands down. It has free media rooms, complimentary massage chairs, free Wi-Fi, armrest-free seating at the gates and if you want to spend a little bit extra, they have a transit hotel and a nap room…Did we mention they have a butterfly garden and offer a free 2.5 hour Singapore Tour if you’re layover is longer than 5 hours


  1. Seoul Incheon International Airport – Designated quiet rest areas with reclining chairs, free shower areas, 24 hour eateries and low lighting in the rest areas…Did we mention they also have a golf course, free tours and a casino


  1. Tokyo Haneda International Airport – Padded seats and benches with no armrests are aplenty here…Did we mention they also have free showers, and for a bit extra there are sleep pods and free Wi-Fi


  1. Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport – GoSleep Sleeping Pods that offer space for your luggage and charging electrical equipment, reclining chairs and long benches….Did we mention they offer free Wi-Fi


  1. Taipei Taoyuan International Airport – Rest zones with flat couches, reclining seats near the gates, resting areas open 24 hours a day and free Wi-Fi…Did we mention that there are a spattering of little hidden corners and nooks you can get privacy in as well as a 24 hour 7-Eleven


  1. Vienna International Airport – Plenty of sleep-friendly rest zones! Go to Terminal G or Terminal F and find comfortable couches to lie back on….Did we mention that Wi-Fi is free


  1. Osaka Kansai International Airport – Long benches, a free blanket lending service and a plethora of padded benches…Did we mention that there are several eateries that are open 24 hours a day, lots of charging spots and free Wi-Fi