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The Benefits of Waking Up Early

The Benefits of Waking Up Early

The Silence – There’s nothing better than waking up early and having that time to yourself.

Watching The Sun Rise – The darkest part of the day is just before dawn. Greet the sun and appreciate the world.

Preparation – Waking up early leads to less rush and gives you an amazing start to the day as you’re prepared.

Breakfast – You actually have time to have breakfast and time to enjoy eating it.

Productivity – An early morning wake up will make you more productive. Whether you exercise, make a plan for the day ahead or start work early.


So How Do You Become An Early Riser?

Go To Bed Earlier – Don’t rush into it. Start slowly each day by going to bed 15-30 minutes earlier and gradually phase it to a suitable time according to yourself.

Give Yourself A Reward For Waking Up Earlier – Whether it’s a cup of coffee, or reading the newspaper. Look forward to waking up early.

Prepare the night before – Prepare your outfit/s for the next day. Do everything you usually do in the morning the night before.

Put Your Alarm Clock As Far Away From Your Bed As Possible – This will force you to get out of bed to turn off the alarm

Have A Cold Shower Straight After Waking Up – This works, believe it or not

Get Out Of Your Bedroom As Soon As You Wake Up – You’re less likely to go back to bed if you’re not near your bed.