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Still Exhausted After Waking Up…Let Us Help You!

It’s horrible waking up tired after what you thought was a great sleep (Your Fitbit says you’ve slept for 8 hours and 45 minutes…?!). So what may be the culprit/s? Here, at Sleepy Panda, we’ve come up with several solutions to help you get that perfect night’s sleep!


You Ate Too Much Unhealthy Food During The Day? - Eat Healthier. Avoid Processed Foods, Eat Less Sugar And Don't Do That weekly Macca's Run! 


You Didn’t Exercise Enough? - Exercise More. Go To Bed Tired And Get That Dream Body You Promised Yourself On December 31st at 11:59pm!


You Didn’t Get Enough Sunlight? - The Sun Increases Serotonin and Helps You Sleep Better At Night!


You Didn’t Get Enough Fresh Air? - Take a Walk During Your Lunch Break. The Average Person Breathes 17-30,000 Times A Day. Healthy Lungs = Better Sleep!


 You Took A Nap That Was Too Long During The Day? Power Naps Are Fine But Keep It Under 30 Minutes A Day Otherwise You Won't Be Able To Sleep At Night!


You Unconsciously Associate Your Bed With Things You Do When You Are Awake - Don't Work, Surf The Internet Or Watch TV in Bed!