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Should You Shower Before You Go To Sleep Or After You Wake Up?

This is one of those tough  pseudo-first-world philosophical conundrums....Should you shower before you go to bed or when you wake up?

Taking a shower or bath before bed may relax you, and that clean feeling helps, but your body will sweat and feel overheated so sleeping may take some time. Some people prefer having a shower before sleeping as they may find it hard to go to sleep with the ‘smells’ of the day clinging onto them. We at Sleepy Panda don’t condone taking showers before sleeping, just do it approximately one and half to two hours before sleeping.

Taking a shower or bath when you wake up has the ability to wake you up, especially if it’s in cold water! One myth about a hangover is to have a cold shower and maybe it works or maybe it doesn’t (We at Sleepy Panda may test this with a staff member unwittingly....And let you know of the outcome!).  Another benefit of having a shower in the morning is that it opens up your pores and the oils your body emitted during your sleep will be removed for that clean feeling for the rest of the day....Also people want to look their best in the morning, especially if you have an important business meeting or work interview,so a shower in the day helps!

Overall, it’s really up to you. We, at Sleepy Panda, love Tony Robbins and if you want to improve your health we suggest you do what he does - Cold Water Immersion! He has a daily routine where he jumps into a custom built several- metre deep pool full of ice cold water after he wakes up. The reason he does this cold water immersion technique is because it improves lymphatic circulation (It removes waste, bacteria and microbes faster from your body), it reduces muscular inflammation (Athletes after a tough game are known to immerse themselves in ice baths for this very reason), it improves cardiovascular circulation (Your blood will start pumping and your cardiovascular system will love you) and it improves weight loss (Cold Water Immersion boosts your metabolism and burns calories faster for you during the day)