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Sharing A Bed With Your Partner

Sleeping with a significant other does great things. Here are some fun facts on what it does:


  1. It releases Oxytocin – Oxytocin is released when you are spooning with your partner. Oxytocin induces closer bonding feelings, aids in digestion and generally makes you feel great


  1. It makes you feel safe – Having your partner in bed with you encourages feelings of safety and security


  1. You live longer – Various studies have shown that people in close relationships live longer and are in better health as opposed to those that are single


  1. It decreases the stress hormone Cortisol – Cortisol has been linked with heart disease, depression and various autoimmune diseases. Sleeping with your partner has been known to lower Cortisol


  1. It enhances sexual arousal – No description needed here...I think you get the jist of it...