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How To Eat In Bed

Sleepy Panda offers stability and comfort like you won’t believe. We’ve passed the wine test…Go ahead and try it yourself with one of our mattresses.

But what about eating? Weekends are the best time and it’s even better when your hubby makes it and brings it to you.

Here is Sleepy Panda’s Rookie’s Guide to eating in bed:

1. It has to be on a weekend!
2. It has to be multi course – The more food the better!
3. Extra Napkins – Chances are it’ll get a little messy
4. Coffee is a must! But don’t just have one!
5. You’ll need a side of entertainment with your meal – A newspaper, your tablet, a D + M conversation with your hubby, your TV, awesome music,  or even a great book
6. Flowers – Having  a vase of flowers on your tray with your meal is pretty neat and aesthetically beautiful


    Eating in bed is as lazy as it gets! But lazy is great especially on the weekend!