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How Do People Sleep Around The World


You would think that the average person would sleep on a mattress but there are over 6 billion people in the world, and, well, this leads to various cool and unusual sleeping habits. Here are some fun facts about where people sleep:


1. South America: 

Hammocks are a big deal in South America, especially those countries closer to the Equator where the temperature can soar. Hammocks originated when the Spanish came to America and noticed the Native Americans using them. Put them between two sturdy trees and you're set to go! Just be careful of the mosquitoes and creepy crawlies...!



2. Japan & Korea: 

Over 22% of people in Japan work a minimum of 50 hour work weeks and don't have time to sleep in bed. Koreans are the 2nd most overworked OECD country in the world. This is when the power--nap comes in. Workers will, at lunch breaks, fall asleep at their desks to catch up on sleep debt. Both countries are also known for their futons. They traditionally sleep on the floor as it has been a custom for over 1000 years.



3. Indonesia (Bali):

In Bali, people have been witnessed to enter into a meditative state known as 'todoet poeles', translated as fear sleep. This occurs usually during a stressful situation, where they instantly fall asleep as it better helps them deal with the situation at hand as the Zen-like state they are in reduces stress and calms them


4. Great Britain:

A recent study stated that almost 35% of Brtish people slept in the nude (But they usually sleep on a normal mattress). Sleeping in the nude has a host of benefits associated with health, including better bonding with your partner and better regulation of your body's temperature