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Great Excuses To Stay In Bed On The Weekend

Don't want to work on the weekend, visit your dreaded in-laws, meet high school friends from 15 years ago or just plain straight-out leave your bed. Here are some great excuses that should free you for your sleep-in:


1. I have to walk my pet lizard and/or my pet thong


2. My doctor says I have a serious condition  and in order to get better I need to sleep at least 12 hours a day for the next 60 years minimum


3. There’s a cyclone coming soon, according to Facebook, in my area so I’m preparing for it


4. I was absolutely exhausted last night and went to bed early, and only just woke up now…Sorry for missing your 4,8973,875,493 missed calls and 1,548,589,435 text messages


5. My mattress is incredibly sad when I leave so I couldn’t leave it this morning


6. My power ran out in the house so I had no form of technology for the past 24 hours


7. It’s my sister’s boyfriend’s teacher’s student’s McDonald’s party and it’s very important that I go. An 8-year old’s birthday is very significant!


And the classic one,


8. I already have other plans. They are VERY VERY VERY important!